With Cola Gourmet, enjoying chef-prepared, vegan meals couldn’t be easier. Our professional Chef Keith Campbell prepares food the way it’s meant to be enjoyed best – fresh, healthy and delicious.

At Cola Gourmet, we’re passionate about providing you and your family with premium-quality meals that are handcrafted using the finest in locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. We know that our meals and snacks are only as good as the ingredients that go into them – that’s why we work tirelessly to build relationships with local producers, use only ethical products, and craft foods that are free from fillers, artificial sweeteners, and excess salt and sugars.
It matters to us, and we know it matters to you too.

Because we strive to use organic and non-GMO ingredients, our menu changes on a regular basis so we can take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Because we prepare all of our meals to order, we don’t use artificial preservatives, excessive sodium, or added sugars.

Don’t worry if you don’t find something for you on our menu, because Cola Gourmet offers customized gourmet meal plans! We can work with you to create gourmet, vegan meals and have them delivered right to your door every week! Cola Gourmet offers nutritional consulting to help you choose a meal plan to fit your vegan needs.

To begin creating your vegan meal plan or to get more information, please click this link to fill out our meal plan form!

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