Cola Gourmet offers customized Gourmet Meal Plans delivered to your home or office in Lexington, SC!
With your family in mind, we create weekly gourmet meals delivered right to your door! Cola Gourmet offers nutritional consulting to help you choose a meal plan to fit your unique needs. Whether you have food allergies, you need a gluten-free diet, you are a diabetic, or you prefer a vegan or vegetarian diet, we can help!

At Cola Gourmet, we’re passionate about providing you and your family with premium-quality meals that are handcrafted using the finest in locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. We know that our meals and snacks are only as good as the ingredients that go into them – that’s why we work tirelessly to build relationships with local producers in and around the Lexington area, use only ethical products, and craft foods that are free from fillers, artificial sweeteners, and excess salt and sugars.
It matters to us, and we know it matters to you too. Our professional Chef Keith Campbell prepares food the way it’s meant to be enjoyed best – fresh, healthy and delicious.
Because we strive to use organic, non-GMO and ethically raised meats, fish and produce, our menu changes on a regular basis so we can take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Because we prepare all of our meals to order, we don’t use artificial preservatives, excessive sodium, or added sugars.

We like to believe we’re doing more than making your life easier by handling meal prep for you – we are here to help you and your family spend more time together, promote health and wellness, and support you to live your best life.
We truly love what we do every single day, from sourcing out quality local ingredients to connecting with our customers in Lexington and surrounding areas, and we are honored that you’ve chosen to make us a part of your life.

You don’t have to compromise taste when trying to eat healthily! Challenge us to come up with a weekly meal plan today!
Your taste buds won’t regret it, and neither will your wallet!

For more information on our delicious plans, please fill our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

About Our Chef

Professional Chef Keith Campbell enjoys pushing the culinary envelope. In 2007, Chef Keith founded Raid My Pantry, a meal delivery service specializing in wholesome, great tasting meals. With the launch of Cola Gourmet, Chef Keith is amping up his gourmet offerings and providing customers with gourmet meal plans, nutritional consulting, and chef-prepared home-delivered meals. Serving Lexington and the greater Columbia, South Carolina area, Cola Gourmet brings fresh, ready-to-enjoy meals to your dining room table.

Chef Keith launched Cola Gourmet to address a growing need faced by Lexington households—delicious, fresh, and nutritional meals provided on a weekly basis. Long work hours, busy commutes, kids’ stream of endless afterschool activities have dampened people’s ability to prepare the types of meals they need to support health, well-being, and the simple pleasure of eating delicious food prepared by someone who loves to cook.

Lexington is a suburb of the state’s capital city and is South Carolina’s second-largest city. Cola Gourmet serves the community of Lexington with pride, and your complete satisfaction is our goal. Please contact us today if you have questions about our food or services. We look forward to serving you!

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